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Datum: 10-02-2014
Bron: https://www.topspeed.com/

The Peugeot Satelis received a series of upgrades for 2013 and now comes with 80% new bodywork, a more efficient engine and increased safety.

The scooter features a steel dual cradle chassis which is paired with a 125cc, 4 stroke engine. The unit is mated to an automatic transmission and delivers a fuel efficiency of 3.6 liters / 100 km with 65g CO2 emissions. The Satelis 2 125i is also equipped with LED daylights, twin 55w headlights, Michelin Pilot SC tyres, a relatively tall 450 mm windshield and a non-spherical glass wing mirrors.

As far a storage places are concerned, the scooter comes with a lockable glove compartment and a spacious under-seat storage bay that can “swallow” two full face helmets.

Once on board, you are welcomed by a blue back-lit instrument panel which features an onboard computer that indicates fuel economy, average speed, etc.

Hit the jump for more information on the Peugeot Satelis 2 125i.

Blending matt and gloss shades, the lines of the Satelis have been softened and all plastic surfaces are UV-treated for a long lasting finish. The dual material seat adds to the classy appearance. At its heart is an all-new LFE (Low Friction Efficiency) 125cc engine; 50% quieter than the previous generation it emits just 65g of CO2/km and is remarkably fuel efficient, consuming just 3.6/100km (78.5mpg).

Combining a steel dual cradle chassis with 37mm front forks and equipped with Michelin Pilot SC tyres, the Satelis is stable at speed, while its exceptional turning circle of 86° makes it agile around town too.

LED lights surround both front and rear light clusters for daytime visibility and the powerful twin 55w headlights increase the beam density by 35%.

The 450mm screen and wide ’apron’ at the front protects the rider from the worst of the weather and there’s a handy lockable glove compartment to carry items that need to be kept handy. Beneath the spacious seat is a a storage bay, with capacity increased by 12% so that will accept two full face helmets. There’s even an internal light so you can find your luggage in the dark.